DCMA Policy

Genesis Global Journey DMCA Policy

Although every effort is made to make sure content is not in violation of the DMCA, As an ONLINE SERVICE PROVIDER GGJ Grid is not responsible for content uploaded from Members or HG visitors. GGJ Grid will do its best to insure content does not infringe on copyright owners* rights when properly notifed of such.

It is the policy of GGJ to offer the following Free Service
And Remedies For InfringementsI am text block. Click edit button to change this text.

1. Notify GGJ of the offending material via E Mail to: support@ggj.world
(a) You must be the owner of the copyright and original creator of all shapes, textures and design aspects used in your creation and be able to prove such upon request (Using a texture, shape or design downloaded from the internet or created by someone else and used in your creation will automaticaly make that creation and any copyright claims NULL and VOID)
(b) Non Creator Complaints will be ignored and considered submited by Griefers, Drama Queens and/or Self appointed “Pixel Police”

2. Make a New Account on GGJ Grid if you don’t already have one (Click Free Avatar Button)

3. You will then be given a FREE Region where you can upload the content that you believe was infringed upon

4. A member of the GGJ staff or one of our Admin’s will rez the so called infringed content on that region and compare them to see if in fact it is an exact copy. If so the owner of the content will be notified and GGJ shall immediately delete the content and all copies there of

* If it is found to be an exact copy with copy, modify and transfer permissions set to “on” in the original then the request will be denied and ignored since owners copy permissions were already given.

* If the object is not an exact copy but an improved, modified or similar designed object, shape, texture or creation then the request will also be denied and ignored as under law no infringement has taken place

GGJ DMCA Policy subject to change in compliance with applicable laws without notice