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Genesis Global Journey (GGJ) provides OpenSim-based virtual worlds. You can visit these worlds for free, or create your own worlds for a very affordable price. To get you started, GGJ gives new users one single-region world for trial for 7 days, you are allowed to build up your new land and test it. After 7 days you may purchase the region, which will become yours with your monthly service rental payments. If you choose not to buy land your land ownership will be revoked and your items returned to your inventory, if you choose not to remove them by the expiration time. You can always return in the future and buy land. You don’t need to give us your billing information in order to get this free trial period.

Hosting Virtual Worlds in GGJ

GGJ provides a premium virtual world hosting solution that supports complex worlds and offers excellent performance at affordable prices:

  • GGJ worlds support up to unlimited regions and objects (AKA “prims”), And unlimited concurrent avatars. (Each region contains about 16 acres.)
  • GGJ worlds are hosted on powerful multi-core servers with ample memory and fast network connections.
  • Each region has its own server which facilitates optimal virtual experience.

World Types

#Starter WorldStandard WorldAdvanced WorldSuper World
Maximum world size 1 Region 4 Regions 16 Var 25 Var
Maximum prims Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Avatar capacity Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated memory (RAM) 8 Cores 32 Cores 128 Cores 137 Cores
World speed Fast Faster Super Fast Ultra Fast
Price $8.00 / month $18.00 / month $90.00 / month $160.00 / month

There are no setup fees, and no delays. When you buy a GGJ world it’s started immediately. All GGJ worlds are automatically backed up once per day, and can be restored with our assistance.